About Journal:

At the current age which is recalled as age of information and technology governance, it is so essential to focus on the unique role of scholarly journals in the unison, forum and information exchange and scientific and administrative business of the scientists, scholars and student over the world. Moreover, with regard to the noticeable role of civil engineers in scientific and executive arenas, particularly within recent decades at which the rapid growth of technology and infrastructure development have been realized, therefore, the forum and exchange of academic and administrative experience betwixt pundits and experts of the civil engineering discipline is so prominent. With respect to the fact that, the main objective and mission of the research journals is based on  dialogue realizing the exchange of information and novel technical and research findings obtained by pundits, so, as the audiences of the journal are broader and beyond the geographical boundaries, as a result a  journal will regarded more dynamic, productive and successful. The Journal of Novel Achievements in Civil Engineering was launched and developed by world's top professors with a wide geographical range on the basis of real needs of human beings in order to have an open access to the information and institutionalize the culture of information sharing. Our journal is mainly steeped with exchanging the most update information and novel research achievements within the sphere of civil engineering. The main distinctions of Journal of Novel Achievements in Civil Engineering are as follows: open access, quick response manner of the reviewers and rapid but rigorous peer review process by world-famous and eminent reviewers. We hope to deserve the attention of the all audiences and their laudable contribution.

Journal Scope:

Journal of Novel Achievements in Civil Engineering is mainly focused on the most recent achievements in civil engineering discipline and it is open to submission of quality articles on following topics and fields:


  Earthquake and seismic studies

  Construction and fabrication management

  Project Management

  Concrete technology

  Water resource management

  Ports and marine structures

  Hydraulic structures

  Water and wastewater

  Steel and reinforced concrete structures

  Transportation and traffic

  Soil Mechanics and foundation Engineering

  Environment engineering

  Geodesy cartography and remote Sensing