Peer Review Process

With regard to the journal policy, the editorial board aims to peer review and publish the most recent achievements in civil engineering, regardless of various geographical regions. Prior to submission, please apply the style on the manuscript. In the Guideline for Authors, we have provided all required instructions and template for facilitating the formatting procedure. It is obvious that, a submitted article which is not in consistence with journal style will not be considered in the initial phase after submission and it will be returned to the authors for revising the paper based on the journal style. The authors should submit the paper via Submission section. The final state of a submitted article can be tracked by logging into the corresponding user control panel. The policy of the journal has specified that the submitted article must be sent to three reviewer, and for articles with two positive results from reviewers, a letter of acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author. The initial phase after submission, is inestigation of paper in terms of plagiarism by Journal editor using the most sophisticated anti- plagiarism software. Please eschew to send articles which are already published in other journals, even in the local language of that region, otherwise such articles will be rejected immediately and we will take disciplinary sanctions. Also, any fake referencing, manipulation of references will lead to rejection of the paper. The author is obliged to apply the requested revisions by reviewer on the paper in timely manner. The scholars should pay the publication fee when they are informed about the acceptance of the article, and after the payment the letter of acceptance will be sent to the corresponding author. Any request including asking for acceptance letter prior to payment of publication fee will not be took into account by journal editorial board. Along with proof file of the article, an agreement (confirming the originality of the research work) will be sent and corresponding author is responsible for signing the agreement and carefully read the proof file, since any amendments after publication of the paper is not feasible